Carne argentina de alta calidadArgentina meat

Argentina historically always has been one of the main producers of meat of high quality, that is characterized by its unique flavor and the exact balance of nutrients that it has. These bovine ones are bred in freedom, in ample surfaces and fed exclusively with natural pastures, without no type of chemical interferences, neither hormones, nor anabólicos, this way, we obtain a product that has become the favorite one of the consumers. .

This appreciated Argentine meat is the one that the Restaurant La Pampa matters directly from Argentina and it offers to him, fresh, in Argentine cuts, is entrecotte, cuadril or sirloin. Selected and matured meats, presented to the right point that the consumer wishes.

Our careful service, the decoration intimate, cosy and different from the place creates a singular atmosphere characteristic of "la Pampa Argentina ".


Authentic Specialists in Meat: Fresh Argentine meats, Hilton Quota, Lamb a la Estaca. You will enjoy the Meat!

Restaurante argentino La Pampa

Conditionned atmosphere, with ample terrace outdoors and at sight grill.

Opened all the year
Own Parking
Cards are admitted
Table booking by telephone



La Pampa

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NOV 2013

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